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Thank you for making our Valentine Concert Night so special for us!  
We left with full & happy hearts!  *Please check out new venue in Steamboat Springs!

Welcome to the Dakota Blonde website! Thank you for visiting. Take a look around.  Enjoy!

We hope to be seeing you at one of our shows soon.

*Please take good care of each other. 

-Dakota Blonde

"The Love We Build"
*Available NOW on our
"Music/Store page*          

IAP Award finalist!
(Indie Acoustic Project)


March 12, 2015 - 5:30 - 7:30pm
The Boulder Renaissance Hotel Lobby
Broomfield, CO


Thursday March 19 - The Chief Theater
Steamboat, CO  7:00pm

*First time venue for us!  Please pass the word!

*Please check out our "Shows" page
for more details



Dakota Blonde Videos

    Somebody's Brother  
*Lyrics & Music by Mary Huckins
*Photography by David Page
*Boulder, Colorado

Car Song Word Search!


       Click here to download & print

      The "Ballad of Mary's Car" Word Search!  (Free!)

       *Mary made it by hand a few years back
        for DB coffeeshop shows!
        HAVE FUN!

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